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Get more space in the kitchen

Get more space in the kitchen

Get more space in the kitchen

Get more space in the kitchen

Get more space in the kitchen

Get more space in the kitchen

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Kitchen Renovation Process

This is a breakdown of our kitchen renovation process (checklist) from an old kitchen into a modern
and inspiring space.


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We have built and renovated hundreds of kitchens large and small. Here are some of our projects
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House Remodelings - FAQs

Since you're redoing your bathroom, could you highlight the negatives of your current arrangement and then plan appropriate changes? Adding more cabinets can help you store more stuff in them. Consider luxury countertops and sinks to give your bathroom a more posh feel.

The simple answer is that it depends on what you want to do with it. A simple renovation where you want to change shades or your bathroom fittings hardly takes a few days. But a full remodeling can take months to complete.

The best advice is to plan ahead of the remodeling, know and understand what you want to do, and make space in your schedule and your house for it. Remember to clear out anything in your bathroom that isn't part of it. Contractors will be able to start work once you do.

You don't need to move out if you can get a few essentials out and make a corner of your living room a makeshift kitchen. However, if you're extensively remodeling your kitchen and your house is not spacious, you might need to stay at another place until it is done.

Different places have differing laws about remodeling your house or even your kitchen. The best thing you can do is contact your local representatives or even check online. Then again, if you're carrying out cosmetic modifications with no changes to the utilities, you don't have to.

Full-scale kitchen remodeling doesn't have to be that expensive for you. It depends on various factors, like what you want to do with your kitchen. Choosing the right contractor is important because it can greatly impact your budget.

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