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How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Check And Clean The Pool Filter

The first thing you should do is regularly check the pool filter. This is where most of the debris from your pool can be found. Periodically cleaning this filter can help keep your pool clean and free from unwanted debris.

Ensure You Skim It Daily

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your pool clean is skim it. Skimming your pool can prevent debris from sinking and exacerbating the problem. A net skimmer can help you clean floating debris off your pool.

Check For Cracks And Leaks

Pools can sometimes have cracks or leaks, which might lead to a reduction in water levels. You can find out if you have leaks with a simple bucket. Fill it 3/4th with water and let it float on the surface. Mark the point where it floats, and then check it a few days later. If your pool has leaks, you need to call the specialists because you can't do much by yourself.

Consider Shocking The Pool

If your pool is dirty because you've been away for a while, you need to shock the pool. This process involves adding chemicals to kill the bacteria present in the water. While shocking the pool, you can't use it for 3 - 4 days.

Use A Pool Vacuum

A lot of times, debris can sink to the bottom of the pool. Not to mention, algae can also accumulate at the bottom of the pool. A good pool vacuum can eliminate all of these problems quickly and easily. You can also opt for the newer robot pool cleaners that work automatically with the minimal inspection.

Monitor Pool Chemical Levels

Chemical balance is a really important factor when it comes to pool maintenance. When a pool doesn't have the right balance of chemicals, it can hurt the skin and eyes of people who use it. Please ensure that you periodically test the chemicals in your pool to ensure they are all up to recommended levels.

Check And Maintain Pool Water Level

Water is lost in a pool due to several factors like evaporation, people getting out of the pool, and more. The water level in the pool needs to be monitored over time. Please ensure the pool has enough water because the pump can malfunction if the water level is too low.

Use A Flocculant

If a lot of submerged debris in the pool is too small to be caught in filters, consider using a flocculant. These are chemicals that coagulate with debris and sink to the bottom. You can then use a pool vacuum and get rid of them later.

Check For Oils And Other Impurities

In the course of using the pool, different oils and impurities can end up in it. This can range from sunscreen, body oils, sweat, and others. These can be difficult to filter out, so consider using tennis balls to get the oils out. Tennis balls trap oils in their fibers, and you can reuse them too.

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